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Drop Off & Pickup


5685 West Cilma Drive

West Valley City, UT 84128

Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

At Ascent Academies, we consider student safety a priority as students are transported to and from the school, and we will work to continually evaluate and revise procedures as needed. AAU will evaluate the school grounds and surrounding neighborhoods to create pick up and drop off protocols as well as assess safe walking and biking routes.

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures
To ensure the safety of all students, families, and staff, please follow the below protocols.

• Enter the school grounds from 5600 W. onto Cilma Drive.
• Turn left into the parking lot from the northeast entrance.
• Follow traffic to the right, as directed by staff, into one of the three stacking lanes along the north side of the parking lot.
• When a staff member indicates, pull a wide U-turn along the west side of the parking lot to face east along the front of the building and pull alongside
the curb as far forward as possible toward the main entrance staying in the right (south) lane.
• Unload or load students from the right side of the vehicle only. Check for seat belt security.
• Check traffic and enter the left passing lane pulling forward to the northeast end of the parking lot.
• Turn right onto Cilma Drive and then right on to 5600 W.

• Follow the directions of the parking lot attendants.
• Please be patient and courteous toward all staff, students, and other drivers.
• Be on the lookout for students using the sidewalks and crosswalk in the parking lot and on the surrounding streets.
• Stay in your vehicle at all times. If you need to get out of your vehicle please park in a stall in the center of the parking lot and use designated walking
• Refrain from mobile phone usage while driving on school grounds.
• All cars must turn right out of the northeast corner of the school parking lot.
• No parking will be allowed in the spots along the north and west sides of the parking lot during drop off and pick up.
• Students will exit and enter from the right side of the vehicle only and at the curb only.
• Note: By law, all vehicle occupants must be secured in a seat belt and children under eight (8) years old must be in a car seat or booster before vehicle is
in motion.

• Arrange a location for all of the students riding with you to meet.
• When waiting in the car for your students, please turn off the engine.
• Parents who choose to drive west on Cilma Drive using the roundabout to drive east in order to park on the south side of Cilma Drive should note that
there are no safe routes directly through the parking lot.
• The first week of drop off and pick up traditionally takes longer. Be patient as we refine the process and as families become accustomed.



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