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Heather Jenson

Heather Jenson

First Grade

Hi! My name is Heather Jenson.   I love every minute of being involved in the lives of children. I began teaching because of my youngest son. Despite being brilliant and creative, he did not succeed in traditional school. He struggled to sit still for long periods of time and didn't understand how to manage his big emotions when he was frustrated. He still struggles with these skills, but finding the right school, with teachers that care, has made a huge difference. My goal is to be "that" teacher for your child. 

I've been married for twenty-two years and have four awesome children that still talk to me. I'm addicted to the Greens and Ginger smoothie at Jamba Juice and creating things digitally. I love to sing and am convinced that life is a musical. I'm trained in the Montessori Method and am halfway through with getting my Master's degree in Education.


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