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Mindy Call

Mindy Call

Teaching Assistant

I have lived in the Kearns, West Valley, and Taylorsville area my whole life. I love to give back to the community because it has given so much to me. Teachers do so much for their kids, way more than we ever see, and I am eternally grateful for their love and sacrifice in all they do. I want to do my best to support them and give a little back.


My strengths are my optimism, empathy, a willingness to help and go the extra mile, and organization. I am educated in Love and Logic, Positive Parenting, early childhood development and communication. 


All 3 of my kids go to Ascent Acadamy. I am an involved mother turned stubsitute teacher and assistant. I started substitute teaching after being a mom for a while. 


As a family of 5 we like camping and our martial art Krav Maga classes. We love going for rides on our electric scooters and kayaking.

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